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Buying Stadia (or Other New TM) Domains Makes No Sense to Me

This week, Google announced a new gaming platform called Stadia. As I observed shortly after the news was announced, Google smartly acquired the brand match domain name in advance of the announcement. I did not notice other Stadia-related domain names registered by Google at the time I wrote my article, but the company appears […]

Ten Things Domain Investors Should Know This Week

I am trying a new initiative on NameTalent with this post. In each post in this series I will list 10 things from the previous week or so that domain investors should take note of since they may lead to actionable items. In essence the format will cover what is new and why should I […]

BrandBucket: A Look At The Numbers

One of the many benefits of attending NamesCon is you get a wealth of information from various vendors. In this post I take a look at some numbers that BrandBucket provided to conference delegates, with the goal of deciding the profitability for domainers of selling names there. Background BrandBucket was the original brandable marketplace offering […]