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Eric Lyon has raised the standard for those giving domain appraisals

Eric Lyon awhile back turned up the quality level on providing appraisals for those asking for them on Namepros.

Eric does this for no compensation nor any other kind of remuneration. Whether one agrees completely on valuation every time out, there is no denying it is maximum effort.

Here is the latest appraisal, someone asked the community for opinions on

Eric’s appraisal:

Asset Type:
Two-Letters / Acronym

Defining The .ai Extension:


Official Language of Anguilla: English

Notes: Good news, it means there won’t be much in the way of indexing penalties since the ccTLD matches the region/countries language.

Defining AI – Artificial intelligence (AI):


Note: That’s good news, it means the ccTLD isn’t restricted to it’s region and can play the ai angle in a brand

VC Acronyms:

Acronym Definition
VC Venture Capital(ist)
VC Viet Cong
VC Victor Charlie (military phonetic reference to Viet Cong)
VC Virtual Console (Nintendo WII)
VC Vatican City
VC Victoria Cross
VC Virtual Circuit
VC Visual C++ (Microsoft)
VC Vice City (Grand Theft Auto game series)
VC Vice-Chancellor
VC Vercelli (Piemonte, Italy)
VC Virtual Connection
VC Very Cute
VC Vacuum Cleaner
VC Very Cool
VC Vince Carter (basketball player)
VC Video Conference
VC Victoria College (Alexandria, Egypt)
VC Video Camera
VC Video Card
VC Vice Chair
VC Ventura County (California)
VC Vanessa Carlton (singer)
VC Vicious Circle
VC Virtual Channel
VC Vegas Casino
VC Videoconferencing
VC Video Compression
VC Visitor Center (National Park Service)
VC Van Cleef (The Deadmines, World of Warcraft Dungeon)
VC Vancouver Canucks (hockey)
VC St. Vincent and the Grenadines (ISO country code)
VC Vena Cava
VC Vibration Compensation (Tamron)
VC Vector Calculus
VC Virtual Concatenation
VC Virtual Container (SDH)
VC Visual Communication(s)
VC Violent Crime
VC Video Channel
VC Variable Cost
VC Vertically Challenged (PC term for short) :)
VC Vicinity (aviation, meteorology)
VC Virtual Call
VC Vehicle Control
VC Vassar College (Boston, Massachusetts)
VC Via Campesina (International Peasant Movement)
VC Vinyl Chloride
VC Vital Capacity
VC Vereinigung Cockpit (German pilot union)
VC Vice-Consul
VC Ventura College (Ventura, CA)
VC Vanilla Coke
VC Virtual Classroom
VC Violoncello (Cello in Music Scores)
VC Virtual Community
VC Veterinary Corps
VC Vice Chief
VC Vanier College
VC Voluntary Controlled (UK school status)
VC Voice Coil
VC Vice Commodore
VC Value City (department store)
VC Vector Coding
VC Valley Culture (Aboriginal community group, Australia)
VC Fleet Composite Squadron (US Navy)
VC Vancouver College
VC Variable Contrast (photographic imaging materials)
VC Vagabond Crew (band)
VC VoiceCon
VC Volunteer Center (various locations)
VC Varsity College (Gold Coast, Australia)
VC Vertical Curve
VC Video Control
VC VanCleef (gaming, World of Warcraft)
VC VisiCalc
VC Visual Cortex
VC Bureau of Verification and Compliance (US State Department)
VC Voltage Converter
VC Victoria Court (hotel; Philippines)
VC Villa Clara (postcode, Cuba)
VC Vertical Cutter
VC Variable Contract
VC Vedic City (Iowa)
VC Voice Channel
VC Verification Component
VC Navy Composite Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1950s)
VC Vector Count
VC Virtual Component
VC Vomiting Centre (anatomy)
VC Visually Clean (cleanliness standard)
VC Veterinary Committee
VC Valor Communications
VC Virtual Corporation
VC Violent Conduct (soccer)
VC Voice Circuit
VC Ventilating Contractor
VC Virtual Cop (arcade games)
VC Velocity Counter
VC Design Cruising Speed
VC Volume-to-Capacity ratio
VC Vienna Conference
VC Voluntary Closing
VC Vintage Cellars (various locations)
VC Viscous Criterion (sports medicine)
VC Vacant Code
VC Composite Aircraft Squadron (US Navy)
VC Verification & Certification
VC Viticulture Consortium
VC Volks Computer
VC Verbal Cue
VC Vortex Combustor
VC Virginia Central Railway
VC Variable Combo (gaming)
VC Knots Calibrated Airspeed
VC Colored Vision
VC Vocabulary Cartoons
VC Voice Compressor
VC Cruising Velocity
VC VIP Carrier (military aircraft designation)
VC Vector Correlator
VC Verifiable Choice
VC Vaporizer Concentrate
VC Navy Cargo/Replenishment Squadron
VC Victoir Conglomeret


Note: There are 125 acronyms for VC. That gives a lot of options for development direction.

VC (two-letter) sales data in all extensions: 121 USD 2018-02-22 Dynadot 810 USD 2017-08-29 NameJet 1,750 USD 2017-05-18 SnapNames 1,200 USD 2015-02-05 Sedo

Note: Not much to go by, but gives an idea.

Two-letter sales data in .ai: 1,004 USD 2019-04-01 1,005 USD 2019-03-04 1,122 USD 2019-02-04 1,524 USD 2018-12-03 2,449 USD 2018-10-29 2,066 USD 2018-10-29 1,090 USD 2018-08-29 3,525 USD 2018-08-09 1,009 USD 2018-06-06 1,375 USD 2018-05-22 567 USD 2018-05-16 5,992 USD 2018-05-12 1,924 USD 2018-05-12 3,150 USD 2018-05-08 5,000 USD 2018-01-24 Sedo

Note: There’s some steady sales happening in two-letter .io’s. That’s good news for reseller liquidity retention in this type of combination.

Two-letter sales data in all extensions: 1,000 USD 2019-04-21 Sedo 132 USD 2019-04-18 Dynadot 2,487 USD 2019-04-15 Sedo 215 USD 2019-04-15 1,794,152 USD 2019-04-14 Private 62,234 USD 2019-04-12 Sedo 280 USD 2019-04-10 34,000 USD 2019-04-07 UnicDomains 22,500 USD 2019-04-05 Sedo 260 USD 2019-04-04 135 USD 2019-04-04 1,004 USD 2019-04-01 110 USD 2019-04-01 Flippa 18,888 USD 2019-03-30 255 USD 2019-03-30 Dynadot 122 USD 2019-03-29 Dynadot 11,253 USD 2019-03-27 Sedo 141 USD 2019-03-27 104 USD 2019-03-27 2,500 USD 2019-03-25 9,700 USD 2019-03-21 NameJet 9,999 USD 2019-03-20 NameJet 16,926 USD 2019-03-12 Sedo 820 USD 2019-03-12 104 USD 2019-03-12

Note: Two-letter combinations in various extensions have a steady sales pattern. That’s more great news for yours. It means there is some solid reseller market liquidity to fall back on.

So, How Does VC Work With .ai?
Looking at the acronym list and playing on the artificial intelligence (ai) of the extension, here are just a few possibilities of development:

  • – Voice Compressor ai technology
  • – Verification and certification ai technology
  • – Video control ai technology
  • – Vehicle control ai technology
  • – Venture capital in ai technology

Note: there are over 100+ more acronyms to sort through, the above just jumped out first for me.

I think your asset has some good reseller value backed by consistant sales data.

The hard part is identifying the potential end-user, gathering more research on their specific niche, formulating a presentation, negotiating, and closing.

There is good reseller liquidity in this asset, but you will still have to do a lot of leg-work to find the right buyer and apply the hard parts I also mentioned above, which in most cases, investors fail at.

Thoughts on yours (Domain Only) – (Apr. 2019 market):

  • Reseller = $975 to $3k
  • Hobbyist = $3.1k to $10k
  • End user = $10.1k to $40k+ (With the right presentation you could exceed this.)

Here’s how I like to break it down:

  • Reseller: This is a domain investor with no intention of developing. They generally park or use a landing page of their own to resell a blank canvased domain for a profit, either to other resellers, hobbyists, or end-users. These investors hand register, pay wholesale, or aftermarket pricing to lower the risk and increase profit potential. (Smallest budget)
  • Hobbyist: This is a domain investor with intent to develop an asset themselves to increase value and provide a means for a domain to pay it’s own renewals each year, eliminating renewal overhead expenses. This type of investor tests different markets with developments until they find a sweet spot, in which they expand development, optimize monetization efforts in a few different verticals, resell domains or domains + websites with verifiable traffic/revenue/etc., monitors the aftermarket, and pushes forward into entrepreneurship. (Mid-Budget)
  • End-user: Contrary to popular belief, this is also a domain investor (They can be independents, partners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, or even government agencies). They invest in a domain name asset to develop for the purpose of generating revenue or delivering an important message to an online audience/customer base. Every hour and penny they put into that domain names development is still an investment into their digital asset (property), increasing the value, and potential. Most end-users have no intention of reselling a domain asset, however, it does still happen as part of company takeovers and acquisitions. (Biggest Budget)

I hope that helps give a better idea on how I personally evaluate domain assets.

P.S. If you like my evaluation, let me know by commenting below or using the like/thanks feature. This helps encourage me to do more appraisals in the future when I have the time.

Thanks and good luck with your investments.

(DISCLAIMER: For those reading this evaluation, please keep in mind that it’s only for this domain name and not any variants or different combinations. It is not advised to register a bunch of variant domains based on a single domain evaluation. Each variant change may or may not decrease or eliminate value.

Value can never be determined from a single point of research or variable. It’s also important to understand the potential use of a domain asset in terms of monetization and revenue structure. This gives an inside look at what such an asset may be worth in a particular niche industry.

These are quick evaluations based on my personal experience/knowledge in multiple direct and related online industries dating back to 2005, offline industries since 1996 +15 to 30 minutes of current market research for the specific domain being evaluated. It should be noted that the most accurate evaluation can sometimes take several hours or even days of research, data compiling, comparisons, etc.

The views expressed in this evaluation are of my own, not those of namePros™.

This evaluation is not certified, nor does it constitute or reflect what a fully termed evaluation may reveal.

DO NOT use this evaluation alone as a reason to register or acquire a domain asset. Do your own due diligence and research before ever investing into anything in life.

Legal Notice: If you are dealing with a Brand asset of companies that may have been established prior to asset acquisition, you may want to consult with an IP/TM attorney in the country you reside. Most have 1 free consultation. Just to be sure, if you haven’t yet.

Remember, at the end of the day, a domain name is truly only worth what a buyer and seller agree on.)

Thinking about branding and/or developing one of your domain assets?
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