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Live Results : NamesCon 2015 Right of the Dot Auction

DNN will be live blogging from NamesCon in Las Vegas. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these results.

Check here for results as we update them live from the show.  Bidding is also available on and names unsold will be in a silent auction there until February 6th, 2015.

In a charity auction before the domain auction, a signed guitar from the Las Vegas rock band Otherwise (represented by Ryan Patrick) was auctioned for $1,000 for the Waterschool.

Sales total approximately $1,000,000 USD.

LOT #DomainReserve RangeStatusPrice$201 Ð $500SOLD$650
20AthleticClubs.nycNo ReserveSOLD$300
30PrivateCarService.nycNo ReserveSOLD$275
40BitCoin(s).globalNo ReserveSOLD$900
50Adaptable.comNo ReserveSOLD$4,500
60PokerRoom.vegasNo ReserveSOLD$1,500$201 Ð $500SOLD$600$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,600
90Kqt.comNo ReserveSOLD$11,000$50,001 Ð $100,000SOLD$90,000$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,500$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,300
130Hgu.comNo ReserveSOLD$17,000$10,001 Ð $25,000SOLD$17,000
150SexEducation.comNo ReserveSOLD$23,000$50,001 Ð $100,000pass
170MarijuanaCard.nycNo ReserveSOLD$700
180Paperback.comNo ReserveSOLD$12,000$5,001 Ð $10,000pass$10,001 Ð $25,000SOLD$22,000$25,001 Ð $50,000SOLD$33,500$10,001 Ð $25,000pass
230GolfCourses.vegasNo ReserveSOLD$1000$250,001 Ð $500,000pass
250XXX.websiteNo ReserveSOLD$1,000$10,001 Ð $25,000pass
270MarijuanaCards.nycNo ReserveSOLD$600$1,001 - $2,500pass
290Mimes.comNo ReserveSOLD$2,200$1,001 - $2,500SOLD$1,600
310Pathologist.comNo ReserveSOLD$18,000 and Send.globalNo ReserveSOLD$2,500$5,001 - $10,000pass$1MM - $5MMpass$25,001 Ð $50,000pass$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$3,100$250,001 Ð $500,000SOLD before the live auction$350,000$201 Ð $500SOLD$600
400Apartment(s).global$10,001 Ð $25,000pass$25,001 Ð $50,000pass
420Bin.netNo ReserveSOLD$2,000$100,001 Ð $250,000SOLD$140,000$5,001 Ð $10,000pass$25,001 Ð $50,000SOLD$34,000$50,001 Ð $100,000pass
470CigarBars.nycNo ReserveSOLD$400$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,400$250,001 Ð $500,000pass$5,001 Ð $10,000pass
510Hollywood.pressNo ReserveSOLD$2,500
530MedicalMarijuanaCard.vegasNo ReserveSOLD$500$1MM Ð $5MMpass
560MedicalMarijuanaCards.vegasNo ReserveSOLD$300$10,001 Ð $25,000pass$1MM Ð $5MMpass
585DanceStudios.nycNo ReserveSOLD$500$5,001 Ð $10,000SOLD$15,000$2,501 Ð $5,000SOLD$4,500$250,001 Ð $500,000pass$50,001 Ð $100,000pass
630Stock(s).global$10,001 Ð $25,000pass$2,501 Ð $5,000pass$201 Ð $500SOLD$400$10,001 Ð $25,000pass$10,001 Ð $25,000SOLD$14,500$50,001 Ð $100,000pass$100,001 Ð $250,000pass$501-$1000SOLD$1,000$250,001 Ð $500,000pass
720PictureMessaging.comNo ReserveSOLD$1,000$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,200$50,001 Ð $100,000pass$10,001 Ð $25,000SOLD$13,500$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,800$201 Ð $500SOLD$900
780Forums.xyzNo ReserveSOLD$600$201 Ð $500SOLD$500$50,001 Ð $100,000pass$25,001 Ð $50,000pass$250,001 Ð $500,000pass$5,001 Ð $10,000pass
840Airfares.nycNo ReserveSOLD$600
850Dj.asiaNo ReserveSOLD$1,100
860Printers.xyzNo ReserveSOLD$300$250,001 Ð $500,000pass
880Geeks.xyzNo ReserveSOLD$600$25,001 Ð $50,000pass
900Madrid.xyzNo ReserveSOLD$250
910DispensaryCards.nycNo ReserveSOLD$300
9201111.asiaNo ReserveSOLD$3,000$50,001 Ð $100,000pass and Betting.globalNo ReserveSOLD$600$25,001 Ð $50,000SOLD$33,000
960Student.xyzNo ReserveSOLD$1,000$5,001 Ð $10,000pass$50,001 Ð $100,000pass$500,001 Ð $750,000pass$5,001 Ð $10,000SOLD$5,000
1000DrunkDriving.nycNo ReserveSOLD$1,100
1010Ty.asiaNo ReserveSOLD$1,500
1020TropicalProperty.comNo ReserveSOLD$1,100$25,001 Ð $50,000?$22,000$50,001 Ð $100,000pass$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$3,000$10,001 Ð $25,000SOLD$11,500
1080MovieCinema.comNo ReserveSOLD$2,600$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,400$2,501 Ð $5,000SOLD$6,000$10,001 Ð $25,000SOLD$11,500$10,001 Ð $25,000pass and$50,001 Ð $100,000pass
1140VapingSystems.comNo ReserveSOLD$500$1,001 Ð $2,500pass
1160AthleticClub.nycNo ReserveSOLD$600$10,001 Ð $25,000pass$10,001 Ð $25,000pass
1190Bonus.vegasNo ReserveSOLD$400$2,501 Ð $5,000SOLD$8,000$25,001 Ð $50,000pass$250,001 Ð $500,000pass
1230DispensaryCard.nycNo ReserveSOLD$300 and$5,001 Ð $10,000pass and$5,001 Ð $10,000SOLD$6,500$201 Ð $500SOLD$400
1265Gf.asiaNo ReserveSOLD$800
1270CannabisDelivery.nycNo ReserveSOLD$400
1280998.xyzNo ReserveSOLD$300
1290Hybrids.nycNo ReserveSOLD$300
1300Whats.nycNo ReserveSOLD$500$1,001 Ð $2,500SOLD$1,300$2,501 Ð $5,000SOLD$2,900
1320E-Cigs.nycNo Reservepass
1330Pornos.nycNo ReserveSOLD$275$2,501 Ð $5,000pass$2,500

Ron Jackson Finally Owns

For more than a decade, Ron Jackson has been producing his domain industry publication DNJournal.  It’s been regarded as a “go-to” industry publication for his weekly sales reports and his “cover stories”, featuring prominent industry profiles, but did you know that Ron didn’t even own  OMG Ron you don’t own all variations of your domain?  How could you even conduct a successful business?!

The site has always operated under name (DN being an industry acronym for Domain Name) and over the last decade I’d say Ron has done a great job of making that a name we all know and trust.  I would venture to guess most of us in the industry call it by DNJournal.  Even so, from a brand perspective it probably would be smart for Ron to pick up too.  Ron already owns and, in case you were wondering.

A few weeks ago the domain name expired and more recently went to auction at NameJet, with the closing slated for December 22nd. The final sales price ended up being $250.  The winner was none other than Ron Jackson.  There were a couple of bidder IDs that showed up early :  “pheenix”, “aaaaaaaaa” and “thegeneral1979″  but there wasn’t much competition. It really feels like the name was not bid up at all . . . maybe as a courtesy to a really great guy.

Unsure about who was bidding for Ron or if he was bidding, I reached out to make sure he had his sights on this name. He replied with an interesting story about domainers and “dick moves”.

I don’t know if you know the story behind that domain. Goes all the way back to the end of 2002 when I asked people at DNForum to help me pick a name from a few options I listed. They picked DNJournal which I liked best as well, so I registered that name. Within a few days, some other forum member from Canada (forget his name – Lorenzo or something like that) registered and tried to sell it to me. At the time I was too stupid to consider registering other variations of the name. He has held it for 12 years and I was determined I would never let him profit from it (at least from me as I thought his initial action was a dick move). Others who inquired said he wanted $1500. I would have gone that high in this auction but would never have given it to him.”


What do you think?  Was it a “dick move” ?  IMHO it was.
Here’s one the older DNF threads where the former owner talks about owning this name : .  Many of DNFs older threads seem to be missing.

I’m just glad to see after all these years to see Ron the new owner of