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#Domain sightings : – When shorter isn’t always better!

Spotting domain names “on the go” or “in the wild” is part of our “domain sightings” series. We split those domains in two categories, dot .COM and all the rest, which includes ccTLD, TLDs and new gTLDs – other than .COM. The majority of these encounters are made when in a vehicle; we strive to […]

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#Domain sightings : A .COM, a .TECH and a misplaced dot

Coming across “domains in the wild” is the equivalent of train-spotting – an obscure British hobby. We capture public displays of domain names, aka “domain sightings,” whether they are of the dot .com kind, or other TLDs, ccTLDs and gTLDs, and we’re often surprised by the use of gTLDs or long tail domains. This time, […]

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