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New features? I just want domain platforms to work.

Some domain platforms have major flaws that should be fixed quickly.

Frustrated man with hands on head and the words Just make it work!

I’ve read a few posts from domainers recently who want domain service providers to add new features. I want new features, too, but at a minimum, I just want the services to work. Few things are more frustrating than when services don’t work as they are intended.

Here are a few examples of services not working correctly that have caused me to pull out my hair.

NameJet – When you buy a domain name, you expect it to show up in your account. It might take a few days, and even longer when it’s a private party transaction. Things can happen that delay this but I expect NameJet to be on top of it. Earlier this year, I had to follow up to get a domain in my account. It took multiple support requests to get a response. If I hadn’t noticed this domain wasn’t added to my account, it probably wouldn’t have happened. I would have paid for the domain but never received it. This erodes trust.

Oh, and NameJet’s app alerts (still) don’t work. I don’t understand how a company can leave so much money on the table by not fixing this. Heck, redo the entire app if needed.

Enom – I’ll give Tucows a bit of a pass because I know it’s replacing the Enom system with a new backend. In the meantime, ever try to get authorization codes? Some arrive within minutes. Others arrive within weeks. Re-requesting them speeds it up sometimes, but I have serious questions about the stability of this platform.

GoDaddy – When you spend time adding domains for sale, the last thing you want is an error message that forces you to start over. I haven’t seen this error message in a while, but it sure is/was frustrating. Even for a beta, this should have been fixed earlier. I also have numerous domains that appear to be stuck in some sort of Afternic purgatory and can’t be added.

So while I understand calls for new features, I hope platforms prioritize fixing bugs and creating systems to verify the integrity of their platforms.

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