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The concept of buying expired domains was covered in DarkReading


Something seems to be in the air in March as I’m noticing quite a few stories that seem to really miss the mark when it comes to understanding the domain industry. Earlier today, DarkReading published an article titled, Are You Prepared for a Zombie (Domain) Apocalypse?

Which in all honestly, does sound pretty darn scary. Until you hear what they mean by a Zombie (Domain) Apocalypse.

They mean, people simply buying expired domains. This is something me and many other domain name investors have done for years. This article makes it sound like anyone who buys expired domains is a shady figure looming in the shadows.

“When a domain registration expires, they can be claimed by new owners. And sometimes, those new owners have malicious intent.” (Source – DarkReading)

Spooky. The reality is, people registering expired domains aren’t usually a big problem online. Like anything in life, a bad person doing something a normal person does can go bad easily. Have a criminal (let’s say someone running a meth lab) moves into a suburban neighborhood and starts a “Breaking Bad” style drug house…well that doesn’t mean that we now should believe that everyone moving into suburban homes is running a drug ring.

The domain name world has long been both not understood and misunderstood. This article highlights another pretty big misunderstanding. The reality is, most people have no idea that you can just buy expired domain names. The people out there registering expired domains are often just investors, not nefarious criminals.

Hey, there are even blogs and newsletters focused on highlighting opportunities in the expired domain market. They aren’t there to support scammers and criminals, they’re supporting investors, just like a real estate investor or stock investor would share places to get good deals on either of those assets.

The silver lining for all of us who choose domain names as an asset class is, the rest of the world still hasn’t quite figured out what we do yet…and maybe that’s okay.

What do you think? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

How would you spend $2,500 on expired domain names?


It’s a question I often find myself running into and I know many Domain Investors ask themselves the same question all the time. To frame the question in something a bit more concrete I decided to throw out a number that I think is pretty representative for your average Domainer.

If you have $2,500, and you’re planning on investing in expired domain names, how do you spend it? There are two components to this question IMO:

  1. What average price would you pay for a domain
  2. What extension(s) would you buy

As usual, if I’m going to ask a question I need to answer it myself. My answer to this question has also changed over time and probably will continue to change, or at least to part 1. So here’s my answer:

  1. I typically find myself spending around $250 per domain but I think I’d probably have a name at the $500 – $750 range in there so I think in the end I find myself buying 7 – 8 domains for $2,500
  2. When it comes to investing I’d put 100% of this into .COM, period

Okay, that’s my two cents, now I want to hear from you. You have $2,500 to put into expired domain names, what’s the average price you pay per domain and what extension(s) do you buy. I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Are domains with the letter “i” at the front still popular?

Years ago Apple started a trend that swept the world, put the letter “i” in front of a word and it suddenly is the digital version of that word. We all know it worked pretty well with the iPod, then the iPhone, the iPad, and other companies quickly followed suit with companies like iHome and many more.

I felt like the “i” word trend really started to taper off a few years ago but recently saw that iDollar.com is expiring and getting some pretty strong interest on Go Daddy auctions. The domain name currently has 61 bids and just crossed the $5,000 mark with more than two days to go.


I’m not sure if it’s just me but I don’t really get this one. Sure, maybe there are some iSomething.com domains that are still hot. I could see something like iCoin.com being interesting maybe…but iDollar.com doesn’t really have much of a ring to it IMO.

Still, I haven’t had my eye on the “i” domain market so maybe there’s been something going on here that I missed. What do you think? Is iDollar.com a hot domain or has the ship sailed for iDomains and the bidding here is just people that are going to end up paying way too much for this domain?

I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!