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#GDPR bullshit : Cause of #WHOIS nightmare is not a Euro money maker

GDPR, the bullshit Euro-law crafted to generate penalty money for the Eurocrats, is failing its privacy claims. According to a report from, GDPR driven data breaches result in penalties only for 0.25% of the cases! This astonishing fact makes everyone in the domain world wonder why in fuck’s sake did ICANN push for WHOIS […]

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Governments demand Whois reopened within a year

ICANN’s government advisers wants cops, trademark owners and others to get access to private Whois data in under a year from now. The Governmental Advisory Committee wants to see “considerable and demonstrable progress, if not completion” of the so-called “unified access model” for Whois by ICANN66 in Montreal, a meeting due to kick off November […]