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Amazon wins! ICANN on verge of approving .amazon despite government outrage

Amazon has one foot over the finish line in its seemingly endless battle for the .amazon gTLD. ICANN last week nudged its application along to probably its final hurdle and gave the strongest indication yet that the controversial dot-brand will soon be delegated in the root. Amazon has essentially won, beating off objections from the […]

Brand-blocking service plotted for porn gTLDs

MMX wants to offer a new service for trademark owners worried about cybersquatting in its four porn-themed gTLDs. The proposed Adult Block Services would be similar to Donuts’ groundbreaking Domain Protected Marks List and the recent Trademark Sentry offering from .CLUB Domains. The service would enable big brands to block their marks from registration across […]

Five more gTLD deadbeats fingered by ICANN

The company that tried unsuccessfully to get the .islam new gTLD has been slammed by ICANN for failing to pay its dues on five different gTLDs. Asia Green IT System, based in Turkey, has been considered “past due” on its registry fees since at least January, according to an ICANN breach notice sent yesterday. The […]

#GDPR bullshit : Cause of #WHOIS nightmare is not a Euro money maker

GDPR, the bullshit Euro-law crafted to generate penalty money for the Eurocrats, is failing its privacy claims. According to a report from Digi.me, GDPR driven data breaches result in penalties only for 0.25% of the cases! This astonishing fact makes everyone in the domain world wonder why in fuck’s sake did ICANN push for WHOIS […]

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Defunct Famous Four ordered to hand $1.5 million back to investors

Former domain registry manager Famous Four Media has been ordered to return money to investors that was being used as insurance against its portfolio of gTLDs going out of business. In an April 18 ruling (pdf) from Gibraltar’s Supreme Court, FFM and its CEO Iain Roache are told that original investors Domain Venture Partners are […]

ICANN to host first-ever high-stakes dot-brand auction

Two companies that own trademark rights to the same brand are to fight it out at an ICANN auction for the first time. Germany-based Merck Group will fight it out for .merck with American rival Merck & Co at an auction scheduled to take place July 17. Because it’s an ICANN “last-resort” auction, the value […]

ICANN plans return to Cancun in 2021

ICANN has named the locations of two of its 2021 public meetings. Notably, it will return to Cancun, Mexico, in the March for ICANN 70, just one year after hosting ICANN 67 there. In both years, the dates appear to coincide with some US universities’ “Spring Break” academic holiday, which sees many college students descend […]

Last chance to weigh in on .Biz domain price increases

Comment period ends next week.

Image of dollar sign and upwards arrow

People paid a lot of attention to ICANN’s proposal to remove price caps on .Org domain names. Some paid attention to .info. Now is your last chance to weigh in on ICANN’s proposal to remove price restrictions on .Biz domain names.

If ICANN moves forward with its plans, .Biz registry Neustar will be able to charge whatever it wants for new .biz registrations and renewals. Neustar is currently allowed to increase .biz prices 10% per year, which is a generous amount.

While .biz isn’t as popular as some other legacy top level domains, DomainTools calculates that there are more than two million .biz domains in the zone. Businesses that use .biz domains may be forced to pay higher fees to continue using their domain names.

Switching domain names is extremely expensive. It can have a major impact on a company’s search engine rankings and email services.

The comment deadline is May 14.

There’s also an open comment period for .Asia. .Asia is a sponsored top level domain without price restrictions. However, ICANN proposes making some changes to its
agreement including adding Uniform Rapid Suspension.

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PIR says it has no plans to raise .org prices

Public Interest Registry claims it has no plans to raise its wholesale fee for .org domains, in the face of outrage from domainers and non-profits. Under a proposed renegotiated contract with ICANN, price caps that have limited PIR to a 10% price increase every year would be removed. But in a statement last week, the […]

.CLUB to let brands block “trillions” of domains for $2,000

.CLUB Domains has launched a service for trademark owners that will enable them to block an essentially infinite number of potential cybersquats for a $2,000 payment every three years. But the restrictions in place to avoid false positives mean that some of the world’s most recognizable brands would not be eligible to use it. The […]

ICANN books another Spring Break in Cancun

Domain name non-profit decides to party in Cancun for two Spring Breaks in a row.

Photo of two women and two men in swimsuits at the beach

Pictured: an advanced photo from an ICANN meeting in Cancun.

ICANN has named the locations of two more of its meetings taking place in 2021.

Apparently getting a two-for-one deal, the domain name overseer has booked another Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico. It’s already going to Cancun for its March 2020 meeting. Now it will return March 20-25, 2021 for ICANN 70.

The organization also selected The Hague, Netherlands for ICANN 71. That will take place June 17-17, 2021.

It previously announced that the annual general meeting (ICANN72) will be in Seattle in October 2021.

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Someone is trying to phish domain name registrars

Criminal is spoofing ICANN.

Image representing email phishing

Hacking individual domain name registrar accounts is so old-school. Why not gain access to an entire registrar or registry?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) issued an alert that someone is running a phishing scam impersonating ICANN. The emails (so far) come from sales (at) icann.org. The perpetrator is sending them to contracted parties.

ICANN recently sent an email to some contracted parties from accounting (at) erp.icann.org, which it says is a valid email.

Of course, if someone can spoof the sales address then they can probably spoof the other one or typos of it.

ICANN.org has a DMARC record but not a published DMARC quarantine/reject policy.

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On the #domain road to #Bangkok : Go Thai with #ICANN GDD summit “fun facts”

ICANN’s Global Domains Division summit (GDD) is taking place in yet another exotic destination, Bangkok. Accredited registrars and gTLD registries will get together for a three-day summit taking place in Thailand’s capital, between May 6-9, 2019. One night in Bangkok, says the old song by Murray Head, so what are some fun facts for the […]

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Non-coms say .org price cap should be RAISED

With the entire domain name community apparently split along binary lines on the issue of price caps in .org, a third option has emerged from a surprising source. ICANN’s Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group has suggested that price caps should remain, but that they should be raised from their current level of 10% per year. In its […]

Dot-brand early adopter becomes 48th to disappear

A Singaporean telecommunications company has become the latest gTLD registry to voluntarily drop its dot-brand. StarHub, which had 2018 revenue equivalent to $1.73 billion, told ICANN it no longer wished to operate .starhub in February and ICANN opened its request up for a month of public comment last week (a formality). It’s the 48th of […]

Donuts acquires its 242nd gTLD

Donuts, the registry with the largest stable of new gTLDs, has added its 242nd string to its bow. The company seems to have acquired .contact from, nominally at least, smaller portfolio rival Top Level Spectrum. The ICANN contract for the gTLD was transferred to one of Donuts’ subsidiaries a couple weeks ago. According to TLS […]

Non-profits worth $2.6 billion a year say .org price caps should stay

Eight large US-based non-profits, several of them household names, have put their names to a letter demanding that Public Interest Registry should not be allowed to increase its .org registry fees beyond 10% a year. Combined, these eight outfits have revenue of roughly $2.6 billion per year. PIR’s fees are currently under $10 per domain […]

Governments demand Whois reopened within a year

ICANN’s government advisers wants cops, trademark owners and others to get access to private Whois data in under a year from now. The Governmental Advisory Committee wants to see “considerable and demonstrable progress, if not completion” of the so-called “unified access model” for Whois by ICANN66 in Montreal, a meeting due to kick off November […]

These people support scrapping .org price caps

The first examples of people supporting the scrapping of price caps in .org have emerged. ICANN’s Business Constituency and Intellectual Property Constituency have both in the last few hours filed comments on the proposed renewal of Public Interest Registry’s .org contract, which includes the controversial removal of the current 10%-a-year price caps. The BC expresses […]

.org price anger comments top 3,000 as non-profits weigh in

The proposal to remove price caps from .org domains has now attracted more than 3,000 angry comments, an it’s not just domainers who are feeling the outrage. Non-profit groups have now also submitted objections to the ICANN proposal, which would remove the 10%-a-year price increase limit that Public Interest Registry is currently subject to. At […]