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Software Automation Solutions That Can Save Your Startup

Automation is a hot trending topic, especially in startup environments, where it has been linked to productivity, efficiency, and agile development business processes. In 2016, InfoWorld quoted automation as an imperative step in “better software testing”. With only 28% of the companies automating more than 50% of their processes, in a survey by XBOsoft, how does this impact the growth in startups worldwide? If your company hasn’t considered cutting down on manual processes yet, start with these 3 types of software automation that can literally save your startup.

#1. Marketing Automation Software

It’s no hidden fact how efficient a marketing automation software solution can be. Aaron Aders believes this type of process is like “working with thousands of couriers that deliver the right content at the right time” (source: Your message and products get delivered fast, accurately, here and now to the right audience, with the right amount of effort and focus.

Key points to consider when using this automated process include the software basics, marketing funnel characteristics, and funnel segments. First, identify a software you are comfortable working with. Then, divide your marketing funnel by leads and prospects. Last, but not least, the funnel segments, where audience specs makes the difference: TOFU (top of funnel), MOFU (middle of funnel), and BOFU (bottom of funnel). Create the content, set the deliverables and let the software do the work. Examples include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Act-On, Hubspot etc.

This type of software automation will greatly help with Sales, Marketing, as well as aid your team in managing everything accordingly.

#2. Payroll Software Automation

Cashflow is an important aspect in any company, and delivering payments on time can increase values such as happiness and loyalty among employees. 2017 is bringing new light into the payroll matter, highly encouraging startups to use payroll software for better financial management. NextPayments, an Australian company investigates on innovation in payroll options, such as intelligent banking, custom on-location ATM machines, and ways to manage employee payments with just a few clicks. The service is currently available in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand worldwide.

Meanwhile, in the US, a study by the National Small Business Association shows that over 40% of companies invest 80+ hours in this process, time which could be put to better use.



This list of payroll software companies explains better how to save time and energy in dealing with accounting. Some of the tasks payroll software automation can cover include calculating taxes, filling tax forms, making deposits, calculating employee pay, workers compensations, and bonuses. Even more, if your startup is joining the remote revolution and has international team members, a payroll software can ease the process with conversions and country-specific taxes or forms.

Examples of software: Zenefits, Patriot Payroll, JustWorks, Gusto, and more.

#3. Task Automation Solutions

A few years back, IFTTT was one of the most efficient task automation tools available on the market. Today, a few more emerged, such as Zapier, Integromat, and Workflow, because work doesn’t happen on your PC alone, but also on your other devices.

Incorporating cloud-friendly task automation solutions can help workflow among your team members, as well as aid in the overall business flow. Nowadays, such solutions must be app-friendly, and easy to use with add-ons. The main purpose is to deliver an action with just one tap. Customizable integrations should also address time, task management, software development, and sales.


Marketing automation helps you identify the right funnel and deliver your content to the right audience. Payroll automation keeps your employees happy and loyal, while task automation solutions accommodate with the workflow. Consider these 3 types of automation software solutions to save time, energy, resources, and money.

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