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David and Goliath? DotMusic confirms .music win

Cyprus-based registry upstart DotMusic Ltd has confirmed that it has secured the rights to the .music gTLD. Founder and CEO Constantinos Roussos tweeted the news overnight. Excited to announce that after more than a decade, DotMusic has prevailed and will be the .MUSIC registry 🙂 #ICANN #DotMusic #DavidandGoliath #Music #Domains — Constantine Roussos […]

.music update: I’m calling it for Costa

Amazon has pulled out of the fight for the .music gTLD, and I’m ready to call the race. In full knowledge that this could be my “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment, it seems to me the balance of evidence right now is strongly pointing to a win for DotMusic over sole remaining rival bidder MMX. The […]