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Video King : Rick Schwartz’s latest #domain registrations hint of new ventures

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has taken Twitter by storm by sharing videos carrying his domainer wisdom. Our favorite one, “back pocket“, is one of many such videos that Rick shares, a few months after returning to Twitter. Rick enjoys shooting the videos as much as sharing advice with his followers. It’s fun seeing the […]

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Back pocket story : Is this Rick Schwartz’s best advice ever?

Rick Schwartz has been using Twitter as his video blogging platform, for the past few days. The Domain King, who once quit Twitter in protest of how its support system treated a hacked account incident, uses Twitter as his direct megaphone. In a recent article at his blog, RicksBlog.com, Rick links to the video blogging […]

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Great problem to have : #Asheville domainer meetup breaks restaurant spaces!

The upcoming domainer meetup in Asheville, North Carolina, is allegedly creating some space problems with the local breweries, cafes and trendy restaurants. Rick Schwartz‘s latest “solo venture” was designed to attract serious domain investors, in a fun environment, in a city popular with the hipsters, beer lovers, newlyweds and Vanderbilt estate aficionados. The domainer group […]

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