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State Farm Loses BigStateFarmAgent.com UDRP

State Farm, the very large insurance company, filed a UDRP against BigStateFarmAgent.com. The UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), and the respondent did not file a response to the UDRP. Surprisingly to me, the panelist ruled against State Farm and the domain name will be retained by the registrant. The panelist did […]

#CarCam .com : WIPO #UDRP ends up with Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking finding

The domain CarCam.com does not infringe on a mark – that’s the consensus of the WIPO panel that decided on this UDRP case. The Complainant, Limited Liability Company AV 808 of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, owns the International Trademark Registration no. 1150989 for CARCAM, registered on January 9, 2013. They operate CarCam.ru since 2010. Meanwhile, […]

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#Paches .com UDRP : #WIPO panelist “goes soft” on Swiss Complainant

The UDRP against the domain Paches.com delivered a finding favoring the Respondent, who registered the domain 19 years ago. Paches is a dish from Guatemala, as numerous results show on Google. The WIPO panelist maintained that despite identifying several points against the Complainant, Sébastien Paches of Morges, Switzerland, who attempted to buy the domain on […]

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